Which MD5 sum is correct?

I’ve downloaded following file:


And found 2 different MD5 sums:

c8f90a6fd7eda0b16b88036187d79451 LibO_3.6.0_MacOS_x86_install_en-US.dmg


525abd561e79d818909d4558616c2d08 LibO_3.6.0_MacOS_x86_install_en-US.dmg.asc


(1) Which is correct ?

(2) Where can I find file size of the installer ?


The first one is the “correct” one.

The second one is the md5sum of the cryptographic signature (the *.asc file). It also is a correct md5sum, but not from the dmg.

The size of the download is both written on the download-page as well as on the file’s details/info page (where you can also find the md5sum).


(The asc file is a digital signature, you can verify the authenticity of the download using that file. I.e. that it really is provided by The Document Foundation.)

oops - three minutes faster than me… took some time to find the suitable screenshot… :slight_smile:

Both are correct :slight_smile: - the first relates to the dmg file, the second one to the PGP key (so, for your download, the first one is the correct one, to be precise). So you can check both the dmg and the pgp key (in ASCII format) for integrity by the md5 hash, and additionally, the dmg by the pgp key.

You can find this information (as well as the installer file size) on the download page (here’s a screenshot for the windows version, it’s almost the same for Mac versions):

If you follow the info link, you’ll find detailed information about the download, the different hash sums, and the mirrors.

@tohuwawohu – looks like your image is broken. Can you please re-upload on the Ask site so the link won’t go dead in the future?


Thank you tohuwawohu , cloph !

I didn’t know that caption “info” on the download button is a link to another page …
And somehow couldn’t find file size in unit of bytes. (not MB)

Today I found that following link is also useful:

Thank you again.

the size is bytes is also given on the *.mirrorlist page - example for the current version


Size: 168M (175812246 bytes)

(right at the top of that page)