Which Operating System Do I Choose To Download New Version of LibreOffice?

I recently ran into an issue with my LibreOffice software. I’ve been using it for over a year but I recently preformed an update on my computer and now I cannot open any of my spreadsheets or the program itself.

I found a similar question (#34569) in which they had a similar issue and the answer was to download the Stable branch version and the person provided a link on where to download: http://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/

I followed the link but I don’t see my operating system in the drop down menu. I’m using Windows 10, however, the only Windows options are: Windows x86 and Windows x86_64

Can anyone help me out? Much appreciated!

Ciao, is your Windows 10 a 32 bit system? Choose Windows x86. Is it a 64 bit system (I think so)? Choose Windows x86_64.

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Hey charlie.it, Thanks so much for your help. I just checked and I believe I have a 32 bit system. My laptop was initially a Windows 8 and I later upgraded to Windows 10. Based on this information: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3096790/windows/why-it-matters-whether-your-windows-is-32-bit-or-64-bit.html it says that if it started out as Windows 8 and I upgraded to 10 then Microsoft will still give me the 32 bit version of Windows 10. So I’ll go with the Windows x86. Much appreciated!

Well, I did’t figure out why my LibrOffice software stopped working but when I shut down my computer earlier I noticed that right before all my programs closed one of my spreadsheets opened up. So after it fully shut down I turned it back on and now my LibreOffice is working. Go figure. Thanks for your help!