Which style is assigned when I create a bullet list?

Hi, everyone

  • let’s say that I create a bullet list by pressing Shift+F12 or typing dash+space+(text)+intro
  • I’m assuming that this creates a list based on a style that must be on the styles panel, but I can’t find it
  • I’d like to find and edit that style and save it in my default template, so everytime I create a new document, my bullet lists will be to my liking

Can anyone please clarify which style is LO using?. I’ve been hours at this with no success. Thank you.

When you use toolbar buttons or Shift+F12, you’re creating direct formatting, i.e. formatting applied outside the style system.

The case of lists, whether bulleted or numbered, is even worse because lists are formatted with a combination of a paragraph style for text general attributes and a list style (really a bad chosen name) for the bullet/numbering properties.

Using Shift+F12 does not change the paragraph style but merely adds a one-shot instance of the default list style. This default list style has no name and consequently you won’t find it in the side style pane. The default list style is controlled by Format>Bullets & Numbering.

So, naively, you would think that customising the settings with Format>Bullets & Numbering and saving the file/template would solve the issue. Unfortunately, no, because for an unknown reason, neither settings of Format>Bullets & Numbering nor Tools>Chapter Numbering (which is another default list for a different purpose) are saved in user profile, file or template.

As a general rule, never rely on direct formatting. It will play nasty tricks on your back when you expect it the least. Writer is built around ubiquitous styles (paragraph, character, frame, page, list – rule out “table styles” which are not traditional styles but auto-fired macros). Learn how to use them all and how to create your own.

The solution to your question is to craft a paragraph style to be used with lists. Since it is a standard style, it will be saved in your file or template.

I suggest you choose built-in List 1 which needs to be customised. Go to its Outline & Numbering tab and assign Bullet • as Numbering style:. Customise Bullet • in the side style pane (click on the fifth icon in the toolbar to display the list styles with a, right-click on the name and Modify. The dialog is the same as for the default.

When you write a list item, just select the style from the toolbar style menu or assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

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I followed your advice and l’ve been using custom styles and shortcuts for a while. It works beautifully. I just wanted to say that you really helped me, thanks a lot!

You’re welcome.