which things / settings affect the performance of calc

hi out there,

short: i would like to know if there is any list of things to take into account when working with calc, limitations, ‘good practises’, no-no’s, or similar.

long: i have an performance issue with calc, see bugs




may be it’s an old problem which is in the buglist for years - but still unresolved? - see:


!! note: it came up during tests of the new alpha version, realeased versions may perform better, i’d like to hear about that; and if i’d like to hear about which version does … doesn’t (crashed and freezed), who has time to do some testing? !!

i would like to know if there is any list of things to take into account when working with calc, limitations, ‘good practises’, no-no’s, or similar.

i think it’s a waste of time if other people step into the same or similar problems and have to re-create my path of pain till they get some fundamental knowledge about the tool they are working with.

and i’d like to gather information about other problems / ways to avoide before stepping in.



@Hrbrgr: funny comments :slight_smile: ‘A: see B’, ‘B: see A’, programmatically ‘endless loop’? if the handling of comments in calc is done in a similar way it’s inescapeable to produce performance issues …

fun aside: yes, these two questions are ‘related’, but! they are targetting two very different aspects of the problem,

  • one is to gather info about shortcomings in common and help to avoid them,

  • the other is to get this bug tested and killed out,



of course plenty!

i’m not qualified to provide a full list,

just one spot not commonly known that almost threw me off my track, and how to avoid it:

  • using plenty of comments (sometimes called ‘notes’, ‘sticky-notes’, ‘post-it’s’, ‘captions’ or similar), or ‘track-change notes’ which have similar handling, can pull down calc to unusable.

it’s happening wih various impact in various versions of calc and various OS’s, best yet seen version: win(x64).

performance issues: impressive unneeded system load on mousemoves, delayed reaction - up to 10 seconds to wait - on mouseclicks to change the focussed cell, long times to load and save, large memory footprint, doubled to tripled impact after the first save, ‘save as’, autosave or even ‘save a copy’ of the file, that reduced after a ‘close-load-cycle’,

to avoid:

estimate the size your document may grow to, estimate the count of comments and change-tracking-notes that may come up while use, double both values, create a sheet with that many filled cells, and check whether it’s response times are tolerable for your work. if not try another version, if doesn’t suffice choose another platform :frowning:

up from 5,000 comments be quite careful.

note which values are working, and keep an eye on them and check the file from time to time … with ‘Navigator’ you can check the amount of comments already in use, if you experience delays and suspect them resulting from comments make a copy of your sheet, remove all comments, and check whether it improves performance …

if other users provide other points i’ll make a list of no-no’s.



This is not an answer, so please edit your question or add a comment. BTW, really you have more than 5000 comments, if every row of data has their comment, maybe they should be in a cell of the row, how to if you want to change the data to a database.