Which version LO for OS X 10.11.3 (El Capitan)?

I’m brand new to LO.
I upgraded to El Capitan and Office reacted with numerous irritating little quirks.
The Young Person recommended LibreOffice as the solution.

Both the Fresh & Still versions of LO work with El Capitan.

If you are in a development/production/business critical environment I’d recommend using Still, otherwise go for Fresh.

Be warned however there are outstanding LO bug reports using LO with OSX 10.11 that may affect you, but only if you start to use/create databases because the BASE component of LO depends on Java. Apple have all but abandoned ongoing use of the up to date versions of Java runtime with OSX10.11.* and they have increased the security around applications. This latter point is maybe why you’ve had

“numerous irritating little quirks”

LO Base will work with OSX10.11.* but there are problems.