Which version of LIBO is for me?

I want to download and use LIBO for occasional word or xl ( CALC) documents for home use. Which version of Libredocs should I down load? Thanks

The latest one.

You didn’t mention your OS (you can do that editing your question; answers are reserved for solutions).

Some OSes are more comfortable than others. Linux derivatives have “package managers” taking care of all installation steps unattented. MacOS X has equivalent. Under Windows, you must use an installer and its cabinet files (.msi).

Start your download from the Document Foundation’s website Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft and you will be offered two versions Fresh and Still.

If you are new to LO it is probably best to start with the slightly older Still (at 31 May 2019 this is 6.1.6). This version has been well debugged so should offer few surprises. But the odd bug will linger so you should use the latest minor release (and report any bugs you find).

The newer Fresh version (at 31 May this is 6.2.4) lets you try out the latest LO features some of which are still being developed. But that means bugs are more likely. After a series of minor bugfix releases, each of which should make LO 6.2 more stable, this version will be released as the next Still version. And you can contribute to development by reporting any bugs you come across.

You might find the discussion at Fresh or Still? helpful.