Which version of Libre Office is compatible with android?

I have a Next book 8 and a very large collection that is constantly growing. I need an office package that will allow me to carry my database with me and Office Suite is on subscription basis. 14.95 per month or 99.00 per year which is outrageous. So, long story short, I want to switch to something free that will read my existing Microsoft db so I can carry it on my tablet. So, which version for android?

Please read this thread. is-libreoffice-available-for-android

The Document Foundation announces
LibreOffice Viewer for Android

LibreOffice Viewer

There is no Android version of LibreOffice that will allow editing. In addition, you want to be able to edit your MS database, although you do not specify which one, so am assuming Access - this will not be possible.

At present AndrOpenOffice allows you to read AND edit ODF documents, including ODB files on Android. It is basically almost the full OpenOffice suite that runs on an Android tablet. However, it is extremely unstable and prone to crashing when using ODB files. You can not open MS Access dbs with this app.