Which version of LibreOffice fixed the SAXParseException error?

I have a computer with Peppermint 3 running LibreOffice When I create documents in the docx format, some people tell me that the document I made are corrupt, and if I open the file, I get this error:

File format error found at
SAXParseException: '[word/document.xml
line 2]: Opening and ending tag
mismatch: p line 0 and hyperlink ',
Stream ‘word/document.xml’, Line 2,
Column 62805(row,col).

I want to avoid this going forward, so is this sort of error fixable by updating to a newer version of LibreOffice? If so, which version should I upgrade to?

I hope this question has not been asked already, but I would appreciate it if anyone can answer.

These errors mean that LO generated somehow wrong file. These errors are sometimes introduced, and then fixed in some later version.

If your LO always generates the files broken (e.g., if you just create new blank document and save it as DOCX, and it’s already broken), then I can assure you that it’s fixed long ago. But if that’s some documents that get broken when re-saved to DOCX, then you need at least share one (ODT), so that others could test and answer.