Which Writer style is used for auto-inserted blanc pages

When a page style is set to “Right only”, and the previous page ends up as a right-page, an automatic Left page can be inserted when the document is exported to pdf.
What is the page style for that particular auto-inserted Left page?
It is now a completely blanc page, but I would like to format that page.

Right now you cannot set the style for automatically inserted blank pages. See this enhancement request:

Bug 55651 - Let automatically inserted blank pages use style from previous page; and add a blank page for choice

Thank you @RGB-es for the link. +1 for you :slight_smile:



Default value is Left Page style.

You can check by Right click SideBarStyles & Formatting pane▸Page StylesRight PageModifyOrganizer tab▸Next Style

I had not understood the question, sorry, the right answer is that of @RGB-es