While downloading I have received an Error 1335 code - "Libreoffice1.cab is corrupt. Must I abort the download or can I click on ignore?

Error code 1335 while downloading.

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LibO MSI packages are signed by The Document Foundation. This ensures integrity of the package. Package is signed correctly? If signature is broken download package again and try new installation. You can test .msi with any file archiver, like 7-Zip (http://7-zip.org/). It is freeware. Install, find you .msi package and select “Test” button. If you see error message, then something is wrong with .msi. Another way is to verify the hash of the installer package. All LibO packages, in addition to being signed also have a file HASH published. Verify the .msi package at time of download–Info tab.

I had a similar problem. The Test button on 7-Zip definitely helped. It took me several downloads, trying different mirrors and I finally got a clean download, which installed LibO. Yay.

i am connected with a mobile stick in my holidays - the connection is quicker as my DSL at home, but i downloaded the package twice with the same corruption error. I will not try any more. To test and to know that it is corrupted has no use at all because I have to download the WHOLE package again. It is a poor technique, you should have any downloader which is able to handle great files with fragile connections.

Ditto this. I’m having the same problems. Multiple attempts at downloading LO. Colossal waste of time. Why is this installation so incredibly difficult? Isn’t there any way to get a clean download?

I have the solution ,
the whole package is around 250 MB
when downloading though the website a whole lot gets lost while downloading

however i tried it through U-torrent
and than you will get the .msi with no errors !

apperantly the download via the website is broken/not working properly

when u use the torrent you will get the installer errorless

good luck and enjoy :slight_smile: