While trying to do something else, I managed to place a 2" Header & Footer into a file, and now it's in every file. I've tried everything but nothing works. How do I get rid of this?

I have LibreOffice

Please edit (don’t use an answer) both your title to make it a (short) title (that’s what is displayed in bold) and the “question” which can be as detailed as needed. Are your files based on a custom template? Have you fiddled with the built-in system template?

What is something else? What did you do to create header in footer? Is the 2" a width, a height, a spacing between elements?

Give all relevant data you think of. Remember we have no view on your screen and we don’t talk interactively to you to get clues and suggest tricks.

I was trying to get rid of the dark blue background in the fields with black lettering in the Find & Replace window (I have poor eyesight and that color makes it very hard for me to read.) This was back in November when I posted a question about that subject and got no usable answer. I was trying different things, I don’t remember what exactly, and then the next thing I knew there was a 2" high Header and Footer in every file, disrupting the written text about two thirds down every page. I’ve gone through every pull down menu I can find, searching through anything that has to do with “Page” and “Header and Footer” but nothing has worked. I’ve done no other “customizations,” is there anyway I can do to get rid of this? I value LibreOffice for being able to use it for business letters, invoices, etc, and this 2" deep and page-wide space disrupts files that need continuity. I have LibreOffice Thank you.

You should have edited your question instead of answering it (this is not logically an answer but additional information). This site is not a forum where remarks and comments follow each other chronologically. It a question (editable so that wording can be improved) and a set of answers by different people (giving various tips and tricks). Answers will be reordered; consequently, chronological sequence is lost.

What you write does not help a lot. Please upload somewhere a file of yours (preferentially a short one). In case you deem content confidential, replace it with “lorem ipsum”. I’ll investigate and report back … in an answer.