White Boxes/Blocks appearing

Using Version: (x64) and finding that white boxes or blocks appear anchored to the top left corner of variable sizes and which cannot be deleted. Only workround is to hide drawing obects through the calc menu but this does not seem to solve it permanently.
This has been an issue for some years now - surely there is a comprehensive fix for this annoying problem.

Please upload a sample file (I personally never faced that on a new spreadsheet). Are you using your own version of a calc template (may be derived from an Excel file once upon a time)? Have you ever tried to reset your user profile?

PS: And it might be helpful to mention your operating system.

There was tdf#108691 fixed for 6.2; so your case seems something different. So it would be great if you filed a bug report with a sample document attached.

This white box problem sounds very similar to my problem.
The box takes up from Column A to E, and line 1 to 67.
I can move the box, but the next time I click in the top left area it regenerates itself.