White margins?

Since the most recent update ( a few days ago, all my white margins in LO Writer have disappeared, taking on the color previously limited to within the page margins. If there is a way of actually choosing white margins I’d most appreciate knowing what it is.

Full page backgrounds were introduced in 6.3, but as you just discovered backward compatibility was not implemented (or even planed). AFAIK there is no way to reduce the area covered by colors, but you can obtain that (with a bit of extra work) if you use a background picture and select custom positioning and size:

Thanks very much for your answer. Have you any idea WHY this change was made?

@Stackrat Many people asked for it! Just check the link to the bug report in my original answer. Of course that’s not a good excuse to break backward compatibility, something should not happen in a “secondary” release, only in mayor ones. But it happened.

It has been finally implemented properly in upcoming 7.2. There’s a new [x] Background covers margins page style property:

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