Who can I contact to delete my attachment on the Libreoffice bug tracker?

I submitted a bug report several months ago which included an attached document to demonstrate the issue. Unbeknownst to me LO had included personal data in the metadata of the file.

Because I don’t want my nickname on bugzilla associated with my real persona I would now like to delete the attachment.

Unfortunately this doesn’t not seem to be possible as far as I can tell. As a regular user I was only able to mark the attachment as obsolete but not delete it, which means that everyone can still view it.

This is why I would like to ask how I can privately contact an admin on LO’s bugzilla bug tracker to explain my situation.

I would usually suggest contacting Quality Assurance but that page appears to have lost all contact information. Perhaps try the Developers instead. Someone from Dev / QA will at least be able to contact you in private to assist with getting in contact with the responsible party to have the attachment deleted. Please be aware that this month (March 2014) there is a bugzilla migration underway, so QA do have their hands full at present.

https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/Team#QA_Team_Volunteers (e.g.: Joel)