Who do I contact to fix (implement) =IFERROR(1/0) functionality?

More and more in Google Sheets people use IFERROR with a single argument. Google has a default value for the second argument of “” whereas LibreOffice has no such default value. When people download a google document to their computer and open it in LibreOffice the spreadsheet doesn’t function properly. Can someone who knows what they are doing fix IFERROR in LibreOffice so that LibreOffice will be able to successfully work with a higher percent of Google Sheets documents? Also, clearly people like the default argument because otherwise they wouldn’t use it so often.

Thank you.

Feature requests concerning LibreOffice are to file lin exactly the same way as bug reports to bugs.documentfoundation.org . Use “enhancement” for the ‘Importance’ field.

Stay aware of the fact that commercial competitors will always find ways to make free software look “inferior”.
If they haven’t to offer something better, in many cases they can reach their goal by just making something different.
A community of rather few part-time developers can probably be neutralized concerning relevant work by forcing enough rather useless tasks on them seeming relevant to sufficiently many users.
Don’t use Google sheets.

If Google is ready to accept an honest competition they should start with applying the existing standard which is ODF. There is a specification for IFERROR() which does not treat the second parameter as optional.

So Google decided to implement the IFERROR() function differently than ~every other major spreadsheet application where for all the second argument is mandatory? Well, blame Google.

I created an enhancement request in bugzilla: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=117806