Whre to find log-files for mail merge; sent emails

Dear all,
when using mail-merge to send a serial-email (is this the correct term?), If received the message that out of 105 emails, 11 failed to be send. Is there a log-file, where I can see, which items failed to be sent?
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No, there’s no file, just the report dialog.

In tdf#148384, I had improved the error reporting of mail merge, to fix a regression in version 5.2; now the report should stay after failures. Which version do you use?

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Dear Mike,
I’m using LibreOffice on a mac (Mac OSX 10.16).
The report window stays after the failures, but I cannot see which dataset in the mail merge caused the problem.
May I would be good to include in future version a log file reporting these errors such that users can identify, which mail wasn’t sent.

First of all, test with a version that has the improvement. I believe that the “would be good” is already sufficiently fulfilled, and so the discussion can’t be constructive unless we are on the same page.

@mikekaganski are the contents of the progress/result dialog stored in a log file somewhere?

Did you read the answer above at all? Should I repeat it just for someone who doesn’t want to read, like this:

@mikekaganski my bad, I must have just skimmed over it and missed your reply. Thanks for responding. Any plans to add a log file from the dialog output?