Wht cant i print sprdsheet in landscape?

In office and other text docs or spreadsheets I just set my printer to horizontal and can print.
This is not letting me change.

No OS, LibreOffice version, nor printer make and model. Please see Ask/Getting started.

Is your page set to landscape? Did you check (and/or change) the layout in the Print dialog? What is not letting you change?

Did you click Format > Page, in the dialog that opens select the tab labelled Page and select Landscape?

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It’s fun how inventive people are, when they need to provide a tag corresponding to their application, and instead of choosing “calc” (because they use Calc, right?), they create such a combination :slight_smile:

Actually I just didn’t understand what to put in so in order to move forward, i took my best guess.

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How to do it:

Page and printer setup in Calc