Why are all 'task' options grayed out in Base?

I’m running Base on Windows 8.1. All of the task options to create or use wizard are greyed out for each of the database funcitonalities (tables, queries, forms, and reports). This happened suddenly, seemingly from one day to the next. They are all grayed out in the ‘insert’ menu as well.

I tried to add a screengrab but the forum tells me I don’t have enough karma to do so.

Additionally, when I try to update form data, I get the following error:

SQL Status: S1000 Error code: -32 The table data is read only in statement [UPDATE “Everyone” SET “Main Address” = ? WHERE “ID” = ?]

is it possible that they were not installed, or left out on a reinstall? Is it possible the disk or file is set to read only? Is it possible you have an SSD device in failure/panic mode?

All of these are possible, but how would I go about verifying?

try to reinstall, choose custom installation and verify what is unchecked as not being installed. If the whole disk was read only, you probably would have other problems. Check the file properties for the database to make sure it is not read only. Check to see that you can write and/or modify another file in the same location (or save the LO database).