Why are embedded graphics not being displayed?

I’ve been using Star/Open/Libre Office for a number of years, under a variety of OS’s (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and several flavors of Linux). Out of all the installations I have active currently, ONE installation, LO v6.4.1.2 (x64) under Windows 10, is giving me trouble. Up through the 6.3.x versions, everything was fine, but after updating to 6.4.x (this problem has been ongoing for a while now), image files embedded within a *.odt document created under older LO versions are no longer displaying inside the document; all I see is a blank frame with the “broken image” icon in the top left of it. Attempting to insert images now, in existing or new documents, gets the same result. If I double-click the image frame, the preview shows the image. I’m not going to commit to print what I can’t preview! Previous online advice amounted to “(re-)install the current Java JRE”. Well, I did that, even rebooting the machine, and it hasn’t helped.

Call me a sock, because I’ll be darned. The requisite checkbox in the configuration had gotten unchecked somehow during an update. Problem solved!

Have you checked Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>View?

In the Display section, there is an option to show place holder or image. Tick this box.

It is likely that the upgrade process changed your global configuration.

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