Why are fonts bigger in LO than on other applications?

This question has been asked a few times on multiple fora over many years but I have yet to find a solution. Fonts with the same name and size appear much bigger on LO and OOO spreadsheets and word processors than on other apps. I am running macOS 10.14.2 and LO on a MacBook Air but I have had this problem for years on multile versions of macOS and LO.

To prove to myself that it was real, I opened a new TextEdit doc and typed some text in Arial 10. I then typed the same text in Evernote and got a similar sized text displayed. I then got the same sized text display in Apple Pages. So they seem to be consistent.

Then I tried the same text in the same font and size in a LO text document and in a LO spreadsheet. The text size on LO text document and spreadsheet were not quite the same as each other but both were considerably larger than on the other apps - at least twice the size.

Previous answers to this question indicated that it may be related to how LO and OOO determine the screen pixel density of the device but I don’t know if that is true. It appeared to only be a problem on macOS, not Windows. Other answers were about scaling and zooming but they weren’t conclusive either. I don’t think that I’m alone with this as there were quite a few respondents with the same issue.

This is a good question - but please, when you mention some prior discussions (“This question has been asked a few times on multiple fora over many years…”, “Previous answers to this question indicated that…”), please always give links to those resources. Otherwise, it’s not clear if there are relevant bugs filled to bug tracker; which were the arguments used in those prior discussions (including those PoVs that you chose not to mention), etc.

By the way, do you specifically mean “… on screen”, or also on paper? Have you checked if LO uses 100% zoom in the applications?