Why are my desktop icons changing position?

I keep several frequently accessed Writer and Calc files on my desktop. They are actual files, not shortcuts.
I recently “reset” my Windows 10 computer and LibreOffice was automatically uninstalled as part of the process.
Previously, I was using version but the reinstalled version is 6.1.1.

Since the reinstall, these icons change positions on the desktop every time they are modified. It happens only when I re-save the file, not when I open, close or edit the file (without saving).

Is there any reason that LibreOffice would be causing this problem or is this more likely to be a Windows issue? I’ve never had a problem with it before the reset and while it is a minor issue, it is very irritating to have to reposition several of my desktop icons multiple times a day. What can I do to fix this?


That’s useful reading as it provides the explanation…

“This is because we create a new file which then gets renamed (we don’t write into the same file), so Explorer decides itself if it needs to re-arrange things”

I didn’t realize that it worked this way and I assume that it is a new development because I see that only my recently edited filed were created at the time of save. If there will be changes, I’d put in my two cents to say that it is preferable to retain the original creation date!

Fixed in tdf#119238 for 6.1.3.