Why are my edits not being saved?

After investing much energy into editing a document I saved it by clicking the save button, then closed the program for the night. The next day upon opening the file I discovered that much of my editing was in fact not saved which was very frustrating. How does one then saves edits with confidence?

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Sorry you loosed your work. But, as @ajlittoz stated below, your answer is not correct. Can you paste it as a comment, instead?

The best way to “save edits” in a document is to save it (with the Save button; with menu FileSave option; with Ctrl+S). You need to take in account the folder were the document is saved.

Also you can search for your lasts files edited in FileRecent Documents.

As per ajoittoz’s response to my post, ‘Why are my edits not being saved’: What I said is exactly what has happened ‘many times’ and I have lost a lot of information thanks to this glitch. I am not making this up. I have been clicking the Save button at the top of the tool bar and when opening the file again, I have found edited information to be missing, and the solution of ‘Save As’ does overcome the problem. But as suggested the other possible solution is to use ‘File’, ‘Save’.

@Graydon: thanks for deleting the duplicate

Try some of the data recovery techniques in this post. Remember to regularly save using Save As using some sort of file revision system. This is exemplified in the post.

As per the problem I am having it is possible that when saving edits made in a Writer document while using a MacBook laptop, the document seems to be saving at the last autosave point and all editing after that is lost. Now, to avoid loosing edits, instead of hitting the save button in the tool bar, I perform the ‘save as’ function, which has me ‘Replace’ the previous version of the document.


To add to my answer above, it should be mentioned that I am using a MacBook laptop which may have some bearing on my problem.

In fact, it might be very important to find out exact reproducible scenario where saving silently fails. “Silently” is the major thing here; users don’t get a failure feedback and feel like it’s okay. Possibly all those multiple “I lost whole day of changes after a session where I saved every 5 minutes” posts are related. It seems that it happens from time to time in some cases, but never reliably reproducibly. This macOS problem might present an opportunity t track that problem - but I don’t know how reproducible is that…