Why are my photos deleted when I create a document?

  1. I create documents with texts and photos. Libre deletes my photos–an outline of the photo remains along with the words “Read-Error”. If I print the page immediately, the pictures will print. But then, the next time “Read-Error” appears. The photos also disappear when I save my copy.

  2. If I copy a page from the internet to print, the format is all changed. I can’t copy it the way it LOOKS. I get just plain text, all the same font and size. Those photos and images don’t copy onto my page either.

I don’t have an answer, but want to say I have a different version of the same problem. I began dropping digital phone photos stored in Windows Pictures to a 40 page text doc. They were fine for maybe six months and then began disappearing, with only an outline marked where the picture had been. Eventually about half of the 30 or so photos had winked out. Then I combined a ten-page doc with pics to a 30-page doc with pics and lost half of the pics.

Above comment continued. I used to use MS Word and gave up on it because of many “design defects.” Overall Libre Writer seems better, but I never had pictures disappear or move around to a new part of the page one me in Word. I run Windows 7. I get the impression Writer may not have been written to be very capable at handling inserted images. Anybody know or anybody help?

In 4 years of use, I have had this happen to me about a half dozen times. There seems to be no apparent reason for this problem and it can be very frustrating to lose all your work.
As a workaround, I use a small script to make a dated backup copy of the document and then open the doc.
This method does require a little more effort and you have to remember to launch the script instead of opening the document directly, but when that dreaded moment happens and libreoffice decides to delete all

(comment continued) your images you will be glad you have a backup copy of the document to recover your work!