Why are some shortcuts not listed in Tools->Customize?

For example, in Tools->Customize, Shift+Ctrl+S is not listed as ‘Save As…’ but the shortcut is displayed in the ‘File…’ menu.

I have assigned Shift+Ctrl+S to ‘Syles’ and it was activated (and the prev. func. is away).

But the into File…’ menu, Shift+Ctrl+S is still displayed as ‘Save As…’.

Ctrl+Shift+S is indeed listed in Tools>Customize, Keyboard tab.

You must be aware there are two lists of shortcuts selected by the radio buttons in the dialog.

  • application-specific shortcuts with the lower radio button (selected by default when you open the dialog)

    This set depends on whether you opened the dialog in Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base or Math. These shortcuts will only be effective in said component (application)

  • global shortcuts common to all components with the upper radio button labeled LibreOffice

    Ctrl+Shift+S is one of them.

The application specific list has precedence over the global one. The shortcut is first looked for in the app-list and, if not found, in the global list.

This is why it is still displayed for File>Save As. A bit confusing if you don’t know about the two lists.

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The ‘global shortcuts’ selected by the radio button ‘LibreOffice’.
The ‘application specific’ selected by the radio button ‘Writer’, ‘Calc’, ‘Impress, Draw’, ‘Base’ or ‘Math’.
To check if a shortuct is already assigned I suggest to make the ‘global shortcuts’ active first.

Feature requests should go to https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/

IMHO, the present situation is preferable because opening the dialog directly into LibreOffice would encourage to customize directly there without checking and create situations confusing users about the shortcut being ineffective (because of the precedence of the specific shortcuts).