Why are the changes in my drawings shifting?

I am working on a project where I get pdf files converted from cad drawings. These are they opened in acrobat and saved as an acrobat pdf document. These are then opened via LibreDraw and modified as needed to add network drops and or add cubicles as needed. The file is saved both as a LibreDraw file and exported as a pdf file. The group uses pdf files. OPenign the pdf files converted form cad drawings does not work at all. They have to be opened first using adobe acrobat and then saved as an adobe pdf file for me to be able to use LibreDraw.

When I go back to update the files as needed, some of the files have sections that are drastically shifted. Also some of the changes are no longer able to be changed as before. For example I create a network drop in a text filed to be: 54A/B. Later on this whole text can no longer be edited as one text field. It is shifted and each individual element ( 5 4 A / B) has to be edited and changed individually.

Why Is this happening? How can I prevent this from happening in the future? HOw can I fix these shifted files?

Exporting from LibreOffice to pdf, there is a option to embedded the draw document in the pdf, and when this pdf is open in LibreOffice, the embedded draw document is opened. This must keep your changes without unexpected modifications.

hi Ernieg,

The answer to your question is that the pdf import is not able to handel all possible situations.
Maybe you are able to make a simple document , showing just one problem? That might be a start for a possible improvement of the PDF-import.

Would you want me to submit this to the group to look? What I am doing is taking this pdf floor plan and adding network drops to it. Then I save it as a pdf and as a LibreOffice drawing document. I might be shifting something without knowing it as I add things to the document. Sometimes I need to update the floor plan and move walls,doors, etc…