Why are there by default music files in LibreOffice profile

I am trying to clean up my old Windows XP computer disk space and I have found out there is LibreOffice profile directory: C:\Documents and Settings[user]\Application Data\LibreOffice\4\user\gallery. In this directory there are 50 MB of all sort of music files. Don’t really understand why are this music files part of LibreOffice? Can I remove them without a problem?

Irregardless of how you got the sound files, it should not cause any problem to delete what you do not plan to use. Those are simply objects for your convenience.

Thanks, I have deleted those music files. Vote+1 for me. - Why would someone have some music files in the first place in office program? I use Calc and Writer, can’t get it. Maybe for Impress, I have installed it, but very rarely use.

I agree with @froz and regard sample files of music as useless in an office program and would prefere if future downloads are music free.

Hi @froz,

I don’t see much information about file sizes or locations in the documentation of the LO Gallery, but in my install of it looks like I only have 3MB of sounds in share/gallery:

qubit@loopbackoffice:/LibreOffice_4.0.2.1_Linux_x86_deb/install/opt/libreoffice4.0/share/gallery$ du -h
3.0M	./sounds
196K	./htmlexpo
376K	./www-graf
496K	./www-back
252K	./bullets
5.8M	.

In user/gallery, I only have 20K:

qubit@loopbackoffice:/LibreOffice_4.0.2.1_Linux_x86_deb/install/opt/libreoffice4.0/user/gallery$ du -h
20K	user/gallery/

Is it possible that you may have added additional sounds?

I created new profile and I see there are no sound files in created in new profile gallery folder. Maybe this files are from older versions of LibreOffice - I am always installing LibreOffice over existing installation. @qubit1, no I haven’t added additional sounds manually. I didn’t even know there are sounds in LibreOffice - still don’t get it why would I need sound files using Writer and Calc…