Why are there uneven indentations for certain numbered lists?

For the parenthetical lettered list, and the uppercase and lowercase roman numeral lists, there is an uneven spacing for the indentations when reaching certain levels.

I have seen behavior that matches this description. It happens for the default setting where numbering is left aligned. When digits extend past the tab stop, content skips to the next stop. This shows up earlier for roman numerals.

I routinely change to right aligned numbering on lists.

Not sure that this is your issue. Please show us (sample file or screenshot)!

Give us details of your issue, and someone here will provide a detailed solution (if possible).

Numbers and bullets are placed inside the left (or right for RTL) indent of the list item paragraph. As @keme points out, once this space is filled with the number, the tab stop which follows the number make text on the first line to jump to next tab stop.

You can tune this indent to account for your numbering width.

  • for default lists (created with the toolbar buttons)

    Play with Format>Bullets & Numbering, Position parameters

  • for your own lists (defined by a paragraph style associated with a list style)

    Play with the list style parameters in Position tab

In both cases, pay special attention to consistency between levels (if your list is multi-level) so that the numbers or item indents align nicely and show clearly the structure of the multi-level list.

Since the effect of all these interfering parameters is not self-explanatory, experiment until you’re satisfied with the result.

Be aware that changes of settings in the default list parameters may not always be applied back to existing lists. This is because the toolbar-created lists are a poor substitute to the real feature, offered as a quick’n’dirty hack for newbies. This substitute must give the illusion of independent lists with individual properties.

The truly reliable method of creating lists is based on styles. Unfortunately, style-controlled lists are probably the most complex and difficult to master feature in Writer. You associate a paragraph style, e.g. Numbering 1, for the general aspect of the list item (font face and size, alignment, …) with a counter defined in a list style, e.g. Numbering ivx.

With an ad-hoc style, changes made to the list style are immediately effective on all so styled lists, guaranteeing consistent look throughout the document.

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