Why Base can't open a "*.mdb" database ? (I use a PC under W10)

Error message :
Impossible d’établir la connexion à la source de données “Nouvelle base de données1”.
Statut SQL: HY000

La connexion n’a pas pu être créée. Le fournisseur de données nécessaire n’est peut-être pas installé.

Edited to show English -

Error message: Could not connect to data source “New database1”. SQL status: HY000

The connection could not be created. The required data provider may not be installed.

Hello @alain.sallette,

You do not state your LO version but a good guess is that it is a LO 64-bit installation. The connector presented in Base only works with 32-bit LO. In order to possibly use in 64-bit LO you would need to use a JDBC connector. Please see mdb files not loading to base for answer on using this type of connector.

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