Why basic code ''ThisComponent.getCurrentSelection.formula" replaces comma with semicolon?

my current cell’s formula is “=SUM(F4,F6)”
and the result of basic code
“ThisComponent.getCurrentSelection.formula” is “=SUM(F4;F6)”.
why comma is replaced with semicolon?

In quite a number of languages other than English decimal points are separated with comma, such as 0,5 (stands for English 0.5). Now imagine you want to write a similar equation to sum 0,4 and 0,6, but writing =SUM(0,4, 0,6) would give you 10 instead of 1. Therefore localized LibreOffice uses different argument separators inside functions.

So the two following equations are exact equivalents:

=SUM(0.4, 0.6)
=SUM(0,4; 0,6)

So, is there any way to return the basic code’s result based on the localized argument separator?

The easiest way is to switch your locale to English, see Tools → Settings → Language settings and also Tools → Settings → Calc → Formula → Separators.

The “right” way would be to make your code work with both notations, see


and also