Why bullet animation doesn't work when PPTX is converted to SVG via CLI?

I’ve tried converting a PPTX file to a SVG file format using CLI. Most of the parts are working fine (e.g. animation, slide transition) but upon testing a bulleted list (with circles in front), the animation for the circle is not working while the text in that specific bullet is well animated. Is this a known bug or limitation?

Here is the PPTX file I’ve used during testing and included is the generated SVG+XML file as well.

Hello @eugeneereno, Can you share a sample list with at least one item? Edit your question, and use the paper clip (don’t use for that Add Answer). Thanks.

@LeroyG, I’ve posted above the input and output files as you’ve requested. Thanks!

I can see the problem, but couldn’t give some help with CLI. A workaround: add the bullet as text.

Maybe you must add “using CLI” to the question title to attract the attention of people who can lend a hand.

@LeroyG, okay, thanks for the advice. A workaround might not be an option for me right now. But we’ll never know, maybe I could live with that.

using CLI

Does it work when you use GUI to convert?

Most of the parts are working fine (e.g. animation, slide transition)

How do you test that? For me, resulting SVG only contains one first slide, static. I tried to open it in browsers (Chrome, Edge, IE), and also in LO.

And what is the exact command line that you used?

@mikekaganski, using GUI just results to the same thing. It’s just I want to operate LO via the CLI. And I guess the internal functionality would be the same even when you operate it either of the two.

For the command, I’ve used ‘./soffice --convert-to svg input.pptx’. You could add other options as well but I think this is the baseline for simple conversion. All SVG files I’ve generated include animations and not static.

BTW, for opening the SVG file, I use either Chrome or Firefox.