Why Calc don't save PAGE borders in .xlsx?

I are using ver. (x64) with ID 3d9a8b4b4e538a85e0782bd6c2d430bafe583448.
Saving file in .xlsx, tried html (NATIVE Calc format!), and sheet is totally jammed, so i even did not check page borders in it.

So the problem is: when i are in page markup view, i drag blue border of printing page to the right direction (1 colmn), then i save, close Calc, re-open that document, and border placed in previous line!!! It’s awful, i have about 10 tabs, all but 1 of them are perfect, but this… I often forget to drag border to its place, so i can get 12 corrupted pages instead of 6 good when print. That’s no funny! Stop laughing at me!

And i are sorry for my engrish i bad at it, and i is no pithon developer, so i cannot speak developer’s too.

using ver. (x64)

Rather old and obsolete…

tried html (NATIVE Calc format!)

Hmm? AFAIK the native Calc format is ODS…?

Because it wrotten in Save Dialogue: “HTML Document (Calc) (.html)”, no one other option have no “Calc” in it.

So - just to affirm: HTML is not a native Calc format. ODS is.

http://youtu.be/KG-TUoVt2eI?hd=1 - seems to work for me - even with that ancient version.

Thank you wery much! I tried and it worked splendid! Saved-restored-border in place! Great!