Why can I not see all my posted questions?

Hi folks,

Here’s the problem:

If I go on ‘profile → overview → questions’ I cannot find all the questions I have asked. When I flick through 1, 2… the questions come up repeated. Plus when I am in column 2 of questions, I cannot go back to column 1 of questions.

Anyone also has this problem?

Yes there is a problem.

The display shows 10 questions per page. My display states there are 12 questions yet it has two pages (20 questions). A number of questions are on both pages and a few only on one of the pages. The total unique questions is 12 which ties up.

I can go back to page one from page two but the area over the 1 digit for page one has a small area which allows the click - it is near the top of the digit.

I cant remember if it shows all the questions I have asked.

Is this an answer? It seems merely to acknowledge that the problem exists. And it still seems to be there after 3 years.