Why can't I change the numbering style of my endnotes?

I am writing a paper that requires specific formatting of endnotes. I have been able to change almost everything I need to change (alignment, spacing, etc.) using the Endnote style. However, I have not been able to change elements of the numbering style. It shows numbers, but it will not change to numbers followed by a dot (.), and will not at a tabbed space after the number. Any ideas as to what I may be missing?

Tools → Footnotes/Endnotes → Endnotes tab, on After add the dot. To add an additional tab stop, after the dot you can type \t: that code (it’s a regular expression) will be interpreted as a tab. Note that tab stop needs to be set on the paragraph style.

I was messing around in the styles for so long! Thanks! Worked perfectly–and easily!