Why can't I delete comments?

I wanted to add a comment.
Then noticed it had as name “Unknown Author”.
So I went to the preferences and added my data.
Now the comments show with my initials.
I managed to delete 1 box with “Unknown Author”, but not this last one, though I press on “delete all comments by this author” and even “delete all comments”.


Does this problem persist every time you insert comments or it was a one time quirk?

Deleted a spam answer for this question by @Hard_Work.

Sorry I choose the wrong option.
This comment is already deleted. You can see that because it is ‘crossed’. The option track changes must be enabled. Try to accept all changes. Edit > Track Changes > Manage Changes - Accpet All.

makes sense because I noticed I was entering comments as “Unknown Author” and then made myself known as “Sven AERTS”.

@kees538: I deleted the comment for you, but I think you can do it as well. There is no reputation requirement listed at AskLibO: How many "karma points" are required for ...? - #3 by manj_k for deleting one’s own comments.

You could try “Accept all” or “Reject All”

I don’t think it is the right friv answer