Why can't I drag the anchor for a frame from the text area to the header area (and vice versa)?

The summary says it all. I am able to cut and paste in both directions. But I cannot drag the anchor in either direction (from text to header or header to text).

Was curious to know if it should be possible (or why it is impossible).

A document is made of a certain number of text flows. A text flow is any logically contiguous sequence of text.

You start a document with the main text flow where you’ll write your discourse. You create secondary text flows with text frames. You can drag objects freely across text flows.

However, header and footer are somewhat special. Although you can drag text to/from there, you can’t do it for frames. I’m no developer, so I can’t tell what’s in the code. Inserting frames in header or footer is possible (this is a trick to have a graphical watermark repeating on the middle of every page). Prohibiting dragging may be related to the fact that header and footer are not standard text flows: they are segregated inside a page style. This confers them unique properties.

If it is only an omission by developers, you can submit an enhancement request on Bugzilla.

You can’t drag the anchor from one area to another, but you can select the frame, then with Cut and Paste move it to the desired area.

The no-drag problem occurs only when source or destination is header/footer. Drag works fine between main text and frame or even between frames. This is why I suspect developers’ omission because there is no logical objection to it.