Why can't I edit reports?

I am using version (x64). In Base, I can create a report and spend time making it just like I want, but if I ever close it, it won’t open again. No error message. Nothing. Double-clicking on it does exactly nothing. Right-clicking on it doesn’t give me an option to edit it (I could delete it or rename it, but what I really want is to make a small modification and print it, and it steadfastly refuses to allow such things). It becomes a completely useless icon. And when I write “nothing,” I mean nothing: no hourglass mouse pointer; nothing; zero; zip; nada.


Not having any problems with v6.0.4.2 on Linux Mint using reports in any way. Try running Base in Safe Mode. Open Base. Then from menu select Help->Restart in SafeMode. If that works you most likely have a problem with your user profile. To reset see this post → LibreOffice user profile.

If you want, from my answer in this post → help with grand total, download the Repaired DB - ModelRR.odb and try to run the report there. If it runs or you can edit it then the problems lies somewhere within your constructed report. Would need a sample of your .odb (without personal or confidential info) to see if can be any further help.

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I was able to make it work, sort of. I installed the Oracle extension for reports. That made the report editor throw an error, so I removed it. After that, I could create reports and then edit them.