Why can't I make my Calc window shorter?

I need to make the Calc window use just the bottom half of my screen (so that I can put the webpage I’m transcribing from in the top half). It will not let me make the window any smaller in that direction. It insist on using about 90% of the screen height, which means that even if I move it all the way down, all I can see of my browser is the navigation area.

It’ll let me make the window as narrow as I want – showing zero columns, even – but that’s not how the data is arranged. I need to be able to see as many columns at a time as possible, but only need to see two rows (the headers and the input row).

WHY does it refuse to make the window shorter??

This bug seems to only apply to the primary window. I opened a second document, resized it to what i wanted, then closed the first document, reopened the first document, and I was then able to resize it how I like. Weird workaround, but I’ll take what works.

This works!

(Is it my memory that’s faulty, or the search features of the site? I could’ve sworn there was a question that turns out to be related, but I cannot find it anywhere now.)

I think this is a bug with the console/framework/suite interface of LibreOffice: when I open a spreadsheet using the “LibreOffice 5.2” shortcut or the “LibreOffice” entry in All Programs, then I can’t reduce the resulting window height below 90% of the screen. If I find the same spreadsheet in my files and double-click it to open it, bypassing the console-thingy, then I can resize the resulting window to my heart’s content.

In fact, the bug appears to be system-wide: it happens with all of the functions of LO, and with both newly-created and previously-saved files.

Using Windows 10 and LO version Have seen this behavior on prior versions as well.

When LO is opened initially the window seem to size ok but if the file is closed and another is opened the resizing gets “stuck”. If the first file is left open then both windows resize properly. When the files are closed but the LO interface left open, a subsequent spreadsheet opened will not resize properly.
So - a work-around is to open any spreadsheet and leave it open then open the one you want to resize, do your resizing and then close the first one - or leave it open.

Strange behavior for sure.

There is a drop down menu in the upper left corner with a “Resize” option. If you partially minimise the document (I do it by grabbing the left or right side of the title bar and shifting it slightly), the resize option will put the cursor in the lower right (for me) corner and let yoou drag the window to the size wanted. So far with Calc it only seems to work to shorten until you let go of the corner, but with Writer it continues to allow shortening. Hope this helps.

If you create a second window for the document by Window > New it will be resizable without limitations. You may minimize the primary window then.