Why can't I paste or special paste?

I’m unable to paste or special paste into Libreoffice. Both options are grayed out, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Shft+V doesn’t work. Currently have v. 5.2.1 installed on a Windows 10 laptop.

Under the Edit menu make sure you are in Edit mode.

going in and out off edit mode fixed this for me


This occurs when the cursor is in a protected area as an index for example…


May be you can try to resolve corruption in the user profile as explain in the FAQ.


I have the same issue. Use to be simple to open a new writer document and paste a snip or copy into the blank document. Something has definitely changed because it does not work. The proposed solutions(2) do NOT solve this defect. Suggest attempting to copy and paste in a blank writer document before proposing a solution.

@Al327 - I use a version and I do not encounter the problem of copy and paste into a new document (which I had tested before answering).

As with Pierre, no problem here, using every day. Otherwise I would have checked before answering.