Why can't I Run as Administrator when installing LO?

Hello, the first time I installed LO, I had the option to “Run as Administrator.” Two weeks ago, I installed the update, but not given the “Run as Administrator” option, why? What must I do to get it? Thanks.

This is not related to LibreOffice and its installer. I assume you are talking about Windows (it’s always good to mention relevant details when asking questions btw); LibreOffice installer for Windows is a generic MSI, which context menu options are managed by Windows Installer (a system component).

If you Shift+click on an MSI, you are given an option to Run as another user, which is a rough equivalent (you may choose an admin account).

Thanks for your response. I appreciate it. I did as you suggested, and saw the “run as another user”. I entered login details, but was told something about the path. I shut down the computer and restarted to ensure that the login details took effect, but got the same notice.

I had to give up and install it without the “run as admin” or “as another user.”

but was told something about the path

Sigh… you could at least try to provide some specifics about the message. It could help us help you (maybe it’s the crucial part), and also help others having similar problems.

The MSI installer for LibreOffice 6.2 (and probably other versions) will by default perform an administrator installation. If you select “Custom” instead of “Typical” you will see that the default install location is under “C:\Program Files” and if you proceed to install at some point you will see the typical warning that the installer is about to make changes to the system and will be asked to authenticate in order to allow it.

I think the reason the person that asked this question is the same reason why I came here looking for an answer to this question: I was used to EXE installers where you right-click and get the option to “Run as administrator”. Becasue this does not show up for MSI files, I was worried that if I proceed like this I would get a “private” install and if my wife uses the same computer she would have to perform another separate install under her account. This is NOT the case. Just install the MSI and you will get a shared installation for all accounts in the machine.