Why can't I save an odt or ods file edited using LibO in manjaro linux to a shared data drive formatted as ntfs?

I have a shared data drive that I can access from both Windows 10 and Manjaro Linux. Until the latest LibO update I have been able to create a file in LibO under Manjaro and edit under Windows 10 and vice versa; in each case saving the file to the shared data drive. I have just tried to edit both an odt file and an ods in LibO from the Manjaro drive. In both cases the file was located on the shared data drive. In both cases the files opened as read only. In both cases I pressed the Edit Document button but on attempting the save the edited files back to the shared drive they would not save and I received a Write Error - The file could not be written. They would save to the Manjaro drive though! I have recently also changed my hard drives for SSDs. Could this be related to this issue?
I have never had this type of problem before in the many years of using LibO, and before that Openoffice.org, with the same basic set up.
Has anybody else come across this problem and does anybody have any solutions? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Can any other program under Manjaro write to the (assumed smb) shared device at the same location?

Thanks for the response. I have checked out a number of other programs, including GIMP, Gnumeric and freeoffice, without problems. Interestingly, After receiving your comment and trying out the other programs, I opened my odt and ods files in LibO under Windows, edited them, then saved them back to the shared data drive. After doing this they opened and saved with no problems from LibO under Manjaro Linux. So, could the copying of the files to my new SSDs have affected the file permissions in some way that opening and saving under windows corrected?

We don’t know with what file permissions you store things on that device when in Manjaro.