Why can't I save documents

Suddenly, whenever I try to save a document using any of the LibreOffice applications instead of saving the file with the name and in the folder that I’ve selected, LibreOffice saves it by overwriting a different file in some folder of its choosing. When it does that, it changes the name of the file I’m saving to the name of the file it’s overwriting.

With this problem, LibreOffice is now worse than useless. It has destroyed multiple files this way.

I’ve repeatedly uninstalled and then reinstalled LibreOffice. It still keeps doing the same thing. I’ve also installed earlier versions of LibreOffice. It still keeps doing this. LibreOffice is the only application on my computer that is doing this. Apache Open Office still works perfectly normal.

As you neither mention your OS/Version/Desktop nor Version of LO I assume you don’t seek help here.

Some general remarks:

  • Backup your data before further testing around, so you can restore your destroyed files.
  • Try to use save-as and check in wich directory LO will save to find, if there is a system behind your “folder of its choosing” or name.
  • you told to try re-install. Have you deleted/renamed/moved the user profile? Problems within the profile are kept by the new system by default. Good, because preferencies are persistent, bad because errors are also.

Good luck…

I’ve repeatedly uninstalled and then reinstalled LibreOffice

Please note

If a problem is caused by a corrupt user profile, reinstalling LibreOffice won’t help at all, since this action won’t touch the user profile. Therefore: Before reinstalling check whether the user profile might be the cause of a problem.

To test whether LibreOffice user profile is causing the issue:

  • Start LibreOffice
  • Restart in Safe Mode using Help → Restart in Safe Mode and confirm the restart using button: Restart
  • Click button Continue in Safe Mode
  • Perform the procedure showing the problem and check whether the problem is gone (If you need to open a file, use File → Open - do not use some other procedure)

**Ref.:** [LibreOffice User Profile](https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile)
Please provide a feedback about such user profile test using *add a comment* function.
  1. Uninstall Libre.

  2. Restart Windows.

  3. Download Libre.

  4. Install Libre.

  5. Locate Libre program.

  6. Click on Libre program “Properties.”

  7. Click “Compatability” tab.

  8. Click “Run compatability troubleshooter.”

  9. Click “Troubleshoot program.”

  10. Select “The program worked better in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install now.”

  11. Select the Windows version in which Libre worked before: Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista (Service Pack 2), or “I don’t know.” (I selected Windows 8, but select the version that applies to you.)

  12. Click “Test the program.”

  13. Open a document and make a minor change.

  14. Attempt to save the document using “Save” or “Save as.”

  15. If the document saves, reopen it and ensure that the minor change is there.”

  16. If the change is present in the saved document, click “Next” and the click “Yes, save these settings for this program.”