Why can't I use Thunderbird Address book as a database in LO 4.0?

Sometime ago, not sure if it was in the 3.5 or 4.0 beta I was able to use the Thunderbird address book as a database table for mail merge etc. Since I have downloaded the 4.0 final I have not been able to get this functionality to work.

Was it killed somehow inadvertently or deliberately when the Linux enhancements to use Thunderbird address book were put in place, or am I just not getting it right?

Windows version of LibreOffice although the vewrsion may have been XP for the early success and 7 for the failures.

You can (still?) use the Thunderbird address book as a data source in the mail merge wizard or other purposes, although you may have to install a later version (4.1.4 is current at the time of writing, and I’ve successfully used a Thunderbird address book with the Mail Merge Wizard on Windows 7 with LibreOffice

When you create a Base database, the LibreOffice Database Wizard asks what you want to do. Choose Connect to an existing database and pick Thunderbird/Icedove Address Book from the dropdown list. Make sure you register the database, so that it shows up in the list of data sources when you run the Mail Merge Wizard in Writer.

As @bencomp said it works fine in 4.1.x. BUT I had a lot of problems with 4.0 to get BASE working and reactivating Java every time I tried to use it. With 4.1.x it works like a charm.

Win 7, 64bit