Why can't text be seen in merged cells and cells with line breaks?

I’ve researched this topic for so long, yet it is so basic. Whatever I try to split up text into lines, I can only see the text when editing it again. The formula input bar shows only thefirst line of text, for this selected cell, and AutoCorrect shows visible highlighting of typos in the invisible text.

(I’ve even tried pasting vertical tab characters as a guess. Unfortunately they aren’t pasted there, another program for example has no problem with those).

(Kudos to the Documentation team though, their documentation is the best I’ve ever seen).

Please add missing tags, if any.
PS, Should I submit a bug request?

@not-Name You can drag the height of the formula bar to show more lines.

If you want to see all lines in the cell if they aren’t showing then hover over the bottom of the row number until you see double-headed arrow and double-click - row height will be adjusted to show all lines.

One solution for multi-line text:
Mark the entire row by click on the row-number,
then you can select optimum row height from the context-menu (right button of your mouse).

This also works is you select the whole table.
After manual edit row height will adjust itself afterwards. (Not if content is calculated by formula in my spreadsheets).


This happen when Row Height is set manually.

If you add new lines in a cell with Ctrl+Enter you could choose menu Format - Rows - Optimal Height…, check Default value and OK. The result is equivalent to the second paragraph in @EarnestAl comment.

Maybe you want the text to wrap automatically. To do that, select the affected cells, choose menu Format - Text - Wrap Text (the same if you click the Wrap Text button in the Formating toolbar).

In both scenarios, row height will adjust automatically when adding or deleting text/lines.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

See LibreOffice Help on Writing Multi-line Text and Changing Row Height or Column Width.

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