Why did you change the save button ? - 2016 Edition

Instead of opening up a new question, I would like to bump this one:
So, this is an old topic, but have there been any changes? I don’t really bother about the layout of the save button, but in Calc as opposed to Writer, the save button does not reflect the current status of the document (changed or not). As in Writer, I would like the star to be removed when I undo all changes I made after saving the document. Does the “simple save button” behaves in this way? How can I add it to the toolbar? Thanks.

Agreed, I seldom use the mouse to save, but use the Ctrl S constantly. For large spreadsheets this consumes a significant amount of time, so I look at the status or rather I used to look at the status to see if I needed to save or not.

sometimes interruptions happen, and when I get back to the computer I glance at the save icon to see if I saved when I left the office or not. Now it lies to me and always appears to need saving.

I also agree. I MUCH prefer the old save button (often I have several documents open for reference), and wish not only would LO restore it, but that other software packages would implement it as well!
So we can look for the nearly invisible little star to see if changes were made OR, (I just discovered this) we can look in the status line at the bottom of the window for a tiny little icon of a page with a red dot. The red dot is not there if the document has experienced no changes.

I see I’m really Johnny-come-lately to this one! I just upgraded from OO3 to LO6. While I love many of the new features, this one is the pits. I use the File menu for saving, printing, opening, etc. It’s just really handier for me for most everything it contains. I totally dislike that File>Save is no longer grayed-out for unchanged documents. Yes, there is that tiny red icon in the status bar, and the red dot on the Save icon in the toolbar, but you know what? They don’t work! They show “changes” when I have NOT made a change! If I open a file and just look around without doing anything else, it gets “marked” and I am prompted for a “Save” when I attempt to close the file! This is a real nuisance, and I am continually confused as to whether I have effected any real alterations and what they might be.

Bring back some intelligence to this function, and gray-out the Save feature when there really is no change! I also very much like the GIMP function, where the filename in the title bar gets an asterisk (*) when a change occurs. This is really visible and unambiguous.