Why did you change the save button ? - 2016 Edition


using about 10 days and still don’t like the changes to the save button.

the save button looks always like “document changed/not saved” status.

yes there is a tiny star over the disk-icon if the document is “changed/not saved”, but it’s not easy to spot.

the old “greyed-out”-style for “no changes/saved” status was much better.


I would like to upvote this question. I do agree that the new button is worse than the old one.

Each time I have to check whether or not my file has been saved. The previous (grey) button was perfect.

This is not a good change in my opinion. If you agree, please vote on this topic.

Even worse: if you press Ctrl+S or click the Save button, it saves the file, even if there aren’t any changes. In the past, saving was disabled in unmodified files. AS saving a big file takes time, that’s just a waste.

+1 – My rep is too low to upvote ‘officially’. This is one of those needless changes that people make to UI’s because … they were bored? I have been using OO/LO Writer for over 10 years and I don’t like changing the Last Modified date of a file unless it really is dirty! And if this is a result of the remote saving feature, then the users of that feature should be the ones to ‘opt-in’ to this new functionality. This is the kind of thing Facebook does, and that’s not meant as a complement.

I think it is to do with the new “save as remote file” option. It would be hard for the icon to reflect the saved state of both locations. I agree the old icon was better. There is an icon on the status bar that still accurately reflects the current local saved state, and which will save the file locally when clicked. It’s a matter of training yourself to use it. The alternative would be for LO to provide the old icon for those who prefer it.

The minutes of the Design Team hangout: 2015-12-18 contain details of the rationale behind the change. Basically, as indicated, saving has become more complex and varied.

Thanks for pointing that out. They obviously thought it was a good decision, but in my opinion it is very confusing now :frowning:

thx for the link with the notes.
just in 3 lines the icon was changed on ideas of 2 people ? wow …
why merge “save as remote” into the normal “save”-button ? useless for millions !
instead use 2 buttons ! e.g. as in the past, where applications had a “save”-button and a “save as”-button.
why change things that are around for decades and disturb the 30+ people, which are used to this good old things ?
the modified state in the status bar is also harder to spot then old save-icon in the toolbar.

It’s a matter of training yourself to use it.

I have 30+ years of training.
why I have to train again for every (even minor) version of application xyz ?
why you spent al lot of time developing things, so that we have to spend a lot of time to learn how to use it ?

from a professional view: LO is on the right track.
like M$ annoying old user base with doubtful changes and inventions.

there was a save-icon discussion in 2012 or 2013 and LO learned nothing from it?

I totally agree. Usabililty-wise this is not an improvement. Please change it to the old situation! I also found out that the save button in the macro section is corrupted now. It now is always purple whether or not the macro has been modified. So now one is unable to see if the macro is saved after a change.

If the user interface is going to be changed constantly without user input, we might as well use Microsoft Products, they do that on practically every release of all software.

The Standard menu Save button action was changed to a split-action. It was necessary to support the frequently more common use of cloud based storage.

The issue and objections are well covered in Bug 98745 - Bring back Save as singular .uno command where folks should note we have implemented an Expert Configuration option to revert to a single action local Save button for those that insist.

For releases 5.1 forward

Tools → Options → Advanced “Expert Configuration” session and searching
for “SaveToolbarController”

then edit the “controller” string replacing




on LibreOffice restart, restores the
non-split button behavior to the
Toolbar “Save” button.

Reverse steps to restore the Split button.

For 5.2 forward we have also provided a SIMPLESAVE button action that can be added by customization of the Standard toolbar.



tdf#96590 UI: save icon does not give a hint of the document status

tdf#97878 Failure of Save icon

tdf#98745 Bring back Save as singular .uno command

tdf#98779 UI: “single action” save icon doesn’t give a hint of the document status

Adding split Save button to Standard toolbar

Adding an optional “simple” Save button for customization use

For 5.2 forward we have also provided a SIMPLESAVE button action that can be added by customization of the Standard toolbar.

How does this work? I’m using but I don’t see any SIMPLESAVE button in the standard toolbar. Where can we find this?

For 5.2 forward we have also provided a SIMPLESAVE button action that can be added by customization of the Standard toolbar.

How does this work? I’m using but I don’t see any SIMPLESAVE button in the standard toolbar. Where can we find this?

This was a poorly thoughtout UI change. I don’t know the breakout, but I would bet that 80+% of users are editing local files, not remote. Having a greyed-out icon to indicate no changes makes sense. If you don’t know the state because the file is remote then you can use the new behavior.

In a worse case situation, at least give us a preference to change it back to what we want.

Rule 1 of UI design is never surprise the user. Another one is, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I will now have to go back-rev to get this feature back.

This has been driving me crazy. I use keyboard shortcuts primarily, but I do look at the icon to determine state (saved or not-saved), because almost all software has used this convention for years and years, some applications even change the background color to alert you.

That’s why I’m staying with v4.4.4.3. Everything works like I need it to. Later versions messed with some of the “features” that I use frequently and changed them for the worst. When I posted concerns on Bugzilla I was met with either “we changed that on purpose, so live with it” or “yeh it’s not working right but it’s not that important so we will fix it when get to it”. I am really concerned about checking out newer versions because I am reluctant to find out what else has been “broken” in the name of progress.

I tried the solution above to change the save button back to something more useful for me and I suspect most users. While the edit got rid of the star button and reverted it back to a single icon the save no longer reflects a save I.E. it doesn’t grey out to show no changes which is the behaviour that I find most useful. I fully support the comments to revert it back or have the option of having a save button like it was. The greying out was one of the best things about LO and the lack of it is one of the most frustrating things when I have to use Word.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I am using openSUSE 42.1 and I updated LO to 5.2 after reading on the bug site that this issue would be addressed by the 5.2 release. Sadly it wasn’t really addressed. I now have a different star over the save icon. On saving the star disappears and reappears when anything is changed. Can we please just go back to the greyed out icon and stop pandering to the few people who actually use Google Drive (apparently the 'Remote Server" is Google Drive only)

I concur completely!

I agree the ‘save’ Icon worked better before