Why do accents stop to work when I save my document?

I’m using Libreoffice (Build-ID: 420m0(Build:3)) on Kubuntu 14.04. I recently updated to that new version and since then something strange happens: I create a new Libreoffice Writer or Calc document and I can use accents just fine (like é, á, ó, …). But when I save the document and try again, the accents are just ignored, so typing “´e” I just get “e” instead of “é”.

On save, I get this error message in the terminal, but nothing more:

We got some errors while running ‘net
usershare info’
"WARNING: Ignoring invalid value
‘share’ for parameter ‘security’
Ignoring unknown parameter “share

Yan did you figure out how to fix this probelen?
I have the exact same problem under opensuse 13.1 and this drives me nuts.
The problem started when I upgraded from opensuse 12.3 to 13.1.

I am running LibreOffice which is the latest stable version avaiable in the official repository.

I have to writte in french and I can’t do it anymore.

If anyone could help me

This is not a probelme of keyboard language because it works fine in an empty new document. After saving it it stops working (or after autosave). But I can still generate accent for instance right now in firefox …

Which desktop environment are you using? What are the language settings i.e., have a look at the output from the locale command?

Is there a Character Set or Font problem? LibreOffice uses Unicode which supports about 111,000 registered characters including all the French ones such a à á è é ç and € (Euro) etc. If you convert the text to US-ASCII which supports 127 characters, you will lose all the accents. Also, if you chose a font that does not contain these characters, the same will happen. I am assuming that you are saving the files using the default formats as .odt (Writer) or .ods (Calc) and not .txt etc.

I wonder if you have some settings in opensuse or kubuntu that is forcing the character set changes. This would easily happen if you changed settings in a email server for example. This is not answering your question but may give you a clue to follow. Peter