Why do Asian language characters (set in Georgia) become boxes after export to PDF?


Font: Georgia

When I use the Export as PDF… in Writer my Asian characters turn into boxes (display errors) in the PDF. They display correctly in the word processor, but somehow don’t export properly when converted using this feature. Additionally, when I Print… the document using Adobe PDF and Bullzip PDF Printer they print the Asian characters correctly.

Please edit your question to indicate which font the Asian characters (that are not being exported to PDF) are set in. Thanks. These types of problems are usually font-related, but sometimes can be a problem with LO.

The font has already been included.

Thanks for updating your answer. Looking at the Unicode ranges in Georgia v2.12 (from Windows XP) there does not appear to be any support for East Asian scripts (in simple terms U+2E80-9FFF). It is possible that what is occurring is font substitution by the operating system.