Why do I get a #value error instead of a SUM result after converting a spreadsheet to PDF with unoconv and macros?

Hi everybody!

I’m currently writing a report engine for php that uses Libreoffice 3.5 and unoconv 0.5. and i’m facing problems with macros and functions in document e.g SUM. After the download in ods format everything is perfect, but if i want to see the document as a pdf, i always get a #value error instead of SUM result. Is there any fix, magic command line parameters or other voodoo stuff to make it work?

I’m on version and am getting a similar problem. On an imported CSV file, I copy a predefined Nested IF formula, which works fine in Excel, but gives a #Value! result. This is in spite of the fact that the Formula wizard shows the proper result when I click on the cell and enter the formula wizard. Seems like Calc knows the formula is correct, but displays an error anyway.