Why do I get connection errors when trying to connect to MySQL on Mint?

I have just upgraded to Linux Mint 17 and the Base module in the version of LibreOffice that came with the distro did not work. You could click on it and nothing would happen. I then upgraded LO to version and now Base works but I get connection errors when trying to connect to Mysql. I have spent an entire weekend reading and trying thousands of things like various connectors, new version of PHP, Apache2 and Mysql with no joy. I have even tried loading Linux Mint 17 on another machine and it does the same there. Please help

Would you kindly post a bit more info on:

  1. Exactly what connection error message/s you are getting?

  2. What connectors have you tried?

  3. Do you get different error messages with different connectors?

  4. Have you been able to connect to your MySQL database with specific earlier versions of LO? If so which one/s?

  5. Can you connect to your MySQL DB with, say mysqladmin? (Or another client)?

So, the problem is surely with Mint, rather than LO ? In other words, Mint 17, which relies on Ubuntu, pulls the LO packages supplied by Ubuntu 14.04, including any corresponding connectors. If these are faulty, then it won’t make an ounce of difference if you install the official LO from the TDF download site.

PHP and Apache have nothing to do with the LO problem, they are extraneous. I seem to recall that Ubuntu supplied LO does not install the Base module by default, even if you can see the icon, so did you even install it ?

The connectors don’t install themselves on their own, and they are not provided with the official TDF builds at all

The problem with the Mint version of LO is that the Base module is not installed by default, even if you can click on the corresponding launch icon. This is Ubuntu’s decision, not TDF’s. Ubuntu also provide the connectors to go with the version of LO that it distributes, however TDF does not. This is why the mysql connector you installed from the Mint repo does not work with the official versions.