why do i get double display with LO swriter which disappears when i change font???

this shows doubling of the word "with" when i change font, the double disappears.

since upgrading to the current LO the program crashes but i have also noticed that some words or phrases - even the occasional entire line - of my MS is repeated. the first time i saw it i thought i had made an error in pasting. but it turned out to be the display, as you can see. it was not a random, one-time problem - it keeps happening.


Hello, i’ll have to ask a couple of questions first.

  1. Which Version of LO and OS are you using?
  2. Do you have hadware acceleration enabled? (Tools > Options > LibreOffice → View → Graphics Output → Use hardware acceleration)
  3. Does the Problem also accure in Safe Mode? ( Help > Restart in Safe Mode)

In addition: MS ??? Microsoft [document] or manuscript? Do you save as .odt (native LO format) or .doc(x) (MS format)?

Does the extra copy come italics? Or have you selected it (blue background) and made it italics to emphasise it?